Jordan: I met Ashley through our church, but didn't really get to know her until August of 2003. We were in the same home group that year, so I had many chances to observe Ashley in group situations. I had a very high opinion of her, and enjoyed talking with her, but hadn't even considered anything more than a friendship. Looking back, I can't believe I didn't develop an interest in her sooner, but I am really glad for the time we had to get to know each other just as friends.

Ashley: I really got to know Jordan through our church home group, where I observed his godly character and his love for the Lord. Also, he led worship for our group and played during worship on Sundays which I really appreciated. (What's really cool is that I asked God for a husband that could sing and play guitar!). During late summer of 2004 I started noticing Jordan more and even briefly thought about him as a potential husband candidate, but quickly let that thought escape, not wanting to awaken in my heart something that wasn't really there.

In August of 2004 Jordan was going to Maryland for a worship team conference with our church, where the team was staying with my dear friends, the Hercegs. Ruth Ellen invited me to come along to visit with them and I viewed it as the perfect opportunity. During the ride up (with 8 people crammed in a minivan), I was dozing in and out of sleep because I had just gotten off of a night shift at the hospital. After catching some zzz's, Jordan and I started talking and discovered that we were both born in Texas and our families had moved to Durham the same year. I thought that was really cool. Later on the trip, another friend mentioned that Jordan seemed to be paying close attention to me but I brushed it off that we were just getting to know each other better as friends.

Jordan: What she didn't know was that I had been interested in her since July of 2004. When I found out she was going on the trip to Maryland, that was a happy moment! The trip was wonderful. Since Ashley was just getting off a night-shift, I got to see a new side of her: exhausted and a little loopy. Talk about honest impressions! But I didn't care. After the conversation where we found out we had both grown up in the same places, another friend on the trip looked at us and said, "Wouldn't it be weird if...", then stopped. I was freaking out, because I thought it was so obvious I liked her. Apparently not.

After another month of praying, getting counsel, and talking with Ashley as much as I could, the time had come to make my intentions known. I talked with her dad (without her knowledge), and told him I was interested in courting Ashley. He said he would pray about it, talk with her, and get back to me.

Ashley: I'll never forget the night Dad told me Jordan was interested in courting me. It caught me a bit off guard but I was really happy and started dancing and singing around the living room (during the closing ceremony of the Olympics). My sister and brother-in-law thought it was a bit unusual but they didn't know the reason for my giddiness. I spent the next week praying and seeking counsel and it was clear that was what God had for us. After talking it through with Dad, I asked him to let Jordan know I wanted to court him. Come to find out, Dad didn't specifically tell Jordan that I wanted to court him, just that he had his permission to talk to me about it. So, the next day when Jordan and I got together, I thought we were already courting but Jordan was still waiting to hear my answer! We learned the importance of communication early on :)

Jordan: Seven days after I talked with her dad, after the longest week of my life, he called me and told me that I had his permission to court Ashley. After that very exciting conversation, I started getting ready to talk to her, and ask her if she would have me as a suitor. I didn't know that her dad's approval not only meant I had his permission, but that she was interested as well. I set up a time that week to get together with Ashley to talk. My goal was to ask her if she was interested in courting. She came to the evening thinking we already were courting. Confusion ensued!

Ashley: Getting to know Jordan more was really special. The glimpse of what I observed of him in church settings was opened wide before me and I liked what I saw. Jordan was eager to share with me what God was showing him and regularly asked how he could be praying for me. I also quickly discovered that Jordan was very much a gentleman—eager to open doors for me, take me out on special dates, play and sing for me, and show genuine care and concern. Wow. As I sought the Lord, He was showing me that our relationship was good and I had a peace about continuing on the journey.

In November of 2004 Jordan and I went with our church on a mission trip to an orphanage in Mexico. It was special seeing Jordan serve on the team, setting up a computer lab at the school, leading worship for our group, and playing with all the kids. It was good serving together in a not-so-familiar setting.

Jordan: The trip to Mexico was a great chance to see each other in pretty tiring, stressful circumstances. Ashley did a great job helping with the children's ministry, translating game instructions and skits into Spanish for them, and serving as our team's medical expert. I got hit with a terrible cold halfway through the week, but had my own personal nurse to get me cured quickly.

Ashley: Early in December I woke up one morning absolutely in love with Jordan. What a great morning that was! I knew that we were progressing in our relationship and that he was the person I wanted to marry. I trusted that if this was how God was truly leading me, Jordan would also feel that way towards me. In just a matter of days, Jordan shared his heart with me, and I with him, which confirmed to me that we were on the road to engagement. That week we were in Wilmington for a Christmas party and we went walking on the beach, where we held hands for the first time. As we walked hand-in-hand, I thanked God for the gift of Jordan in my life.

As my affections for Jordan were growing, it was hard waiting for the engagement. What complicated things a bit, was the fact that my sister Alana got engaged Christmas Eve. It was their special time, and I was happy for them, but it made waiting a little more challenging!

Jordan: Mid-December, I knew marriage was what God had for us. After much prayer, getting my parents' blessing and talking with Ashley's dad, it was just a matter of finding the perfect time to propose to the woman I loved.

Ashley: January 22nd was one of the best days of my life! Jordan and I went to Leasburg to visit his parents, although Jordan had much more in mind. He asked me if I wanted to go for a walk in the snow and thankfully I said yes. During our walk we sat down at a table at Prayer Point, which is a special place on the Liggitt's property. He then pulled a heart-shaped pillow out of his coat and proceeded to tell me that it was a pillow he made when he was 12 years old and decided that the pillow would only go to the person he loved and would one day marry. Then he said to me "I think I've found that person" (aww), got down on his knee in the snow and proposed!! I immediately said yes! We then went back to his parents' house, pink-cheeked from the cold and grinning ear-to-ear, and the celebrating began!